Since 1979, the Big Star logo has served as a guarantee of the highest quality and trendy design of jeans. For almost 40 years, jeans have been the key product offered by BIG STAR, which nevertheless kept adding other garments and fashionable accessories to its product range. At present, the company makes a great variety of jackets, blouses, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, as well as all kinds of accessories - from hats to boots. For BIG STAR designers, their work is a passion, clothing is applied art, and jeans are an aspect of culture. Thanks to their authenticity and commitment, the brand keeps winning customer loyalty in Poland, other European countries and Asia. At present, the company runs more than 180 stores in Poland and 60 shopping outlets in Europe and Asia, and its Polish and global networks keep growing. For BIG STAR, trust and loyalty of its Customers means a commitment to deliver products that are consistent with their expectations and with trends that change over time. The only thing that never changes is the quality of Big Star products. And so it has been since 1979.

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Konsultacja i rezerwacja
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