We have been present in the clothing industry for 24 years. Our menswear stores, which are multibrand outlets, the leading brand is EV.EVOLUTION, which we own. Depending on the season of the year, we also offer leather clothing by SAKI and Rock’n Blue, as well as the jeans collections of Abstain and products of SORRENTO and METROSTAR - a manufacturer of shirts (also known under the Giovanni Ferrini brand, distributed on the Italian market). We are the sole representative and distributor of these brands in Poland. As the Ev.Evolution brand, we produce jackets, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts and blouses. We cooperate with production plants in Poland, Sweden and Turkey. Our product range is addressed to men, who value comfort, good quality and the so-called sporting elegance. All of our stores are located in shopping centres. We also cooperate with many stores in Poland, contributing to their collections. Our aim is to provide clothes that are made with attention to detail, distinguished by high quality and original designs. We design, search for solutions and sell with a great passion, which can be seen in our products. Our customers are men, who put emphasis on uniqueness of their clothes, as well as comfort and style! At our stores, we provide professional and friendly customer services rendered by personnel, who will surely help you to make the right choice. Please visit our fashion store at Factory Poznań!

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