Pako Lorente is a Polish brand, offering a broad range of shirts, suits, jackets, pants, coats, short coats, accessories and shoes. At present, Pako Lorente has two lines: of women's and men's products.

Men, who choose Pako Lorente, can easily find designs here that are fit for any occasion, from classical business outfits to casual clothing, which distinguishes itself from more conservative men's fashion brands. 

The suits, pants, shirts, coats, short coats and shoes offered by Pako Lorente underline the attributes of the male silhouette through carefully developed details. Variety of designs and attention to detail, as well as the attractive colour range of Pako Lorente collections, are the distinguishing marks of the brand. The clothing collections are complemented with accessories that emphasize the stylish quality of the designs.  Collections of Pako Lorente are designed to match the current fashion trends and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


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