Semilac is a Polish brand, offering nail styling and care products of the highest quality. We specialize in translating colourful ideas into effective action, full of colour, which sets the trends!

We offer almost 600 certified and attested products, developed in accordance with the ISO GMP standard. Semilac is the only Polish brand of hybrid varnishes to make sure its products are dermatologically tested.

Our portfolio:

Semilac hybrid varnishes:

·          Hybrid base coats and tops

·          Hybrid colour varnishes

·          Hard hybrid varnishes


Semilac nail varnishes:

·          Classic coats and tops

·         Classic colour varnishes

Semilac UV gels:

·         Gel base coats and tops

·         Colour nail gels

·         Decorative gels

·         Hard nail gels

Fluids and preparations:

·          Fluids

·          Olive oils

·          Conditioners and preparations

·          Semilac SPA set


·          Brushes and decoration devices

·          Nail files and polishing devices

·          Styling accessories

Lamps and sets:

·          Lamps

·          Starter kits

·          Gift sets

With Semilac, you will add colour to your life!


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