The Umbro brand comes from Great Britain. It was established in 1920, and for the first four years it operated as Humphrey Brothers Clothing. Since 1924, it has been known as Umbro, which is an acronym of the words Humphrey Brothers.

The brand is famous for its sporting clothes, shoes and accessories, which have been presented for years by the brightest starts of global and domestic sports. The first team that wore the professional outfits by Umbro in 1943 was Manchester City. In Poland, the brand was a long-term sponsor of Wisła Kraków, which played and won in the outfits that were designed especially for the team.

Today, Umbro is renowned not only for its sporting clothes, but also for the excellent lifestyle product line, featuring comfortable and functional casual clothes, practical accessories (such as backpacks, perfect for school or a sports club) and comfortable shoes. 


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